Friday, July 10, 2009

Cronin Drumlish & Nils Helstrom - alternate endings cdr

Three drones each by Drumlish and Helstrom.. the former giving us some sense of light.. whilst the latter persists in his dark, gloomy explorations.

Mark Bradley & Wereju - exposure cdr

Three tracks from Mark Bradley of his beautiful shimmering droneworks.. whilst Wereju gives us two tracks of his dark haunting guitar-drones..

Warhill - grave steps cdr

Warhill offers two tracks of dark sounds.. taking influences from noise, drone and black metal to unleash a harrowing cacophony..

Nils Helstrom & Wereju - singularity cdr

collaborative release from these two dark droners. and when i say "dark", i mean "dark" ! one of the most dark wereju release, while Nils Helstrom is more in his own element here. deeeeeep infra-bass and hopefully some lights at the end of the tunnel. excellent !
quote from

Sin of a Higher Strain - breath to the empty air cdr

Sin of a Higher Strain offers 50 odd mins of light & shade, sounds & scapes.. guitar loops, drones and pulsing beats.. strange and beautiful..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wereju - the way of the cross cdr

"Cathal's blurry, eerie drones have a lot in common with Aidan Baker's solo guitarscapes and the massive string tones of Fear Falls Burning, but this is darker stuff than either of those artists. Heavily processed feedback swells in tide-like form, deep and sonorous, and underneath the warbling ambience is a dark soundworld enveloped in shadow".
(quote from Crucial Blast Records).

Null/Void & Shores of Darkness - split cdr

Null/Void offers a droning soundscape, not as noisy as we've come to expect... this is a rare lull in the storm. Melodic drones and distant percussion, but still with that sense of impending doom. Shores of Darkness offers another dark minimal dronescape.. always intriguing.